Journal Entry #2 – 18/11/2017

The music played loud in the bar. She laughed as a drunk guy spilt his beer. She was enjoying herself for once. This was a rare occasion. Her anxiety had limited what she did in the past but now she felt free. She had long accepted she would never be an over confident person who loved clubbing but she had found a way to enjoy herself without clubbing.

She had felt weird and not normal when she was left alone while everyone went out drinking. She felt like she should be like them. That because she wasn’t she was unnatural.

What 18 year old student doesn’t like clubbing anyway? What 18 year old doesn’t like going out all night and crawling back in the early hours of the morning?

She wished that she enjoyed it so she could join in, but she had accepted that it just wasn’t meant to be. And that was fine. Everyone’s different. The world would be boring if everyone was the same.

Sitting in the bar, drink in hand, she had no anxieties. And she couldn’t remember  the last time that had happened. She always had some form of anxiety niggling away at her in the back of her head, but now she felt free.


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