Journal Entry #3 – 19/11/2016

The shopping centre thrived with eager shoppers dashing in between shops on the busy Saturday afternoon. Christmas was fast approaching and the retailers were taking full advantage. Tinsel was slung over every window display. Santa sat in his grotto greeting every child who entered, at a price (obviously).
Men walked behind their other halves ladened down with plastic bags full of presents for people they don’t even know. They allow shopping this time of year, because it means that they don’t have to.
Children looked in awe as they saw the toy shops, making lists as long as their arm for Santa Christmas. With parents following behind taking mental notes.
It’s only November. Yet here I am standing in the busiest shopping centre I have ever seen. I swear Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year. We’ve already had our Christmas decorations up in the flat for a couple of weeks!
I like Christmas, don’t get me wrong. And I enjoy giving Christmas presents much more than I do receiving them. This year I won’t be able to afford a lot for people though, but it’s the thought that counts. Right? I like to think of thoughtful presents people will actually use other than buying something that they like for a day and don’t touch ever again.
My parents visited today and I followed mum around while she stressed about Christmas and all the presents she hasn’t got. She always stresses about Christmas and the amount of presents she has to buy before the special day. I kind of feel like the actual point of Christmas sometimes get lost in all this stressing when people just focus on the present giving. I am not particularly religious but it does feel like it shouldn’t be so commercialised.
I haven’t even thought about Christmas presents yet. I have been getting the boyfriends birthday presents sorted because he turns 19 this week and I was stressing because I hadn’t got anything sorted for him.
It’s done now though👍🏻 Don’t worry!


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