Journal Entry #4 – 22/11/16

Well, writing journal entries every didn’t work out. Oh well. I’ll just troop on pretending the fact that I’ve been ill is a good enough excuse.
I had a first experience early Monday morning. The first time I went to the hospital without my mum and dad. I underestimated how weird this would be. Usually, my parents are absolutely everywhere never leaving me alone if I’m ill but obviously I’m living alone at Uni now so it’s kind of unreasonable to ask them to come here every time I feel a little bit ill. Even though I was a little bit more than ‘a little bit’ since I was referred to a hospital in the early hours of the morning.
It just felt so adult to take myself to the hospital. I would never do that if I was living at home. I didn’t go completely alone, I had my boyfriend with me. Oh how he loved me that night. We were both up all night.
Turns out all I needed was some antibiotics so I wasn’t there very long but it just felt weird.
Not to mention I hate hospitals. The smell. The feel of them. I hate everything. I am so lucky i havent had to spend a night in one before in my life. I think I would hate it. I just have this thing where I think that hospitals are haunted. They feel like at night they would be full of ghosts. I would never be able to sleep, unless I am so ill I don’t have choice. Tomorrow is my boyfriends birthday and I really want to make it really special since he actually got out of bed at 4:30am and walked across campus with me to get to the hospital even though he had uni on the Monday. I’m so grateful, it’s unbelievable.

Oh gosh, these journal entries are such a ramblešŸ˜‚


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