Journal Entry #6 – 27/11/2016

Walking up the glass stairs of TopShop Anna’s heart beat ten to the dozen as the crowd of people upstairs came into view. Fashionistas and bargain hunter alike crowded around the sale racks like wild animals to a watering hole. They grabbed and pulled at the discounted clothes items, dragging their friends over for second opinions. Because what girl can buy clothes for herself without asking her girlfriends’ opinion first?

She contemplated turning around and coming back another day. The twenty percent discount wasn’t a lot anyway. She could just pay a full price another day and just save herself the hassle of being stuck in that mass of people. But, no. She needed to conquer her anxiety. She had never been someone to let her anxiety to get the best of her. She had been in a nightclub more packed than this and survived, she could do this. It was only people. She wasn’t even bothered about the sale. She just wanted to look at the clothes. It was going out clothes she wanted.

When she was at home she had always avoided crowded situations like nightclubs. But, since coming to University she had said that she would get over her fear of crowded places at least to a certain extent. The only way of getting over her fear was to face them head on. Even if the thought of doing them things made her want to throw up.


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