Journal Entry #7 – 29/11/2016

I say I have nothing to do. But I lie. 

I have plenty to do.

Just nothing ‘fun’.

I have stuff I have to do.

Just nothing I want to do.

Life is like that sometimes.

When you’re bored as hell. 

Too bored to even do your work.

You know it’s piling up on you.

But do nothing about it.

You’re drowning in it.

But still lie there on your bed for hours on end. 

Phone in hand.


Complaining that you’re bored. 

Complaining that you’ve got nothing to do. 


It haunts you. 

The work you have to do lingers over your head.

Like a bad smell. 

That you can’t shake. 

You waft it away. 

Or ‘brush it under the carpet’.

As people say. 

But you know that it will never go away like that. 

It won’t go away until the work is done. 

But your brain isn’t up to that today. 

Your brain wants fun.


Not work. 

And essays.


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