Journal Entry #8 – 31/11/2016

I want to start reading more. I don’t know why I don’t. Maybe it’s because I haven’t found a book I’m into enough to get obsessed with in a while. And when I say a while, I mean over a year.

It takes me so long to finish a book and I’m not sure why. Earlier, I picked up one of the books I have bought with me to uni but got 2 pages in and got distracted. I don’t really understand.

I remember the feeling of reading 6/7 books a week when I was younger. I loved it. 

I read so many great stories, and in turn wrote loads too. I want to get back to that. But, I’m not sure how I’m going tot do it while I’m at University. My life is so busy right now I barely have time to go to the gym and I’ve paid for that. I remember the excitement of the stories. Getting lost in the character. This is what made me choose this course at University. I can’t stop doing what I love. 

But I have done. I want to be one of those girls who always has a book I their hand, because I used to be. One of those girls who spends her life lost in stories. I want to go back to how I was. 

But, what was before I had an iPad. That’s really made a difference in what I do. I always watch YouTube before bed instead of read a good book. I need to try and balance my hobbies because I am never going to be the one to start a YouTube channel but I may be the one write a book. So what really is the priority here?

One of my main goals in life is to write a novel and to have it published. Reading will help me achieve that. Novels will give me inspiration and motivation. 

I want to get back to what I love.


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