Journal Entry #9 – 1/12/2016

Oops a bit late in publishing this but oh well!

IT’S DECEMBER! You know what that means? CHRISTMAS!!

Today is the first day of advent and my chocolate advent calendar is at the ready, waiting to be devoured.

The weather has suddenly gone freezing here, and I’m not kidding. Yesterday it seemed to be fine and I was able to walk out without a coat on but I feel like I would instantly get frozen like a snow sculpture if I do..

And no-one wants a snow sculpture of me, I’m sure.

It’s not technically Christmas yet though. I don’t usually feel christmassy until about the 20th. There’s still work to be done, assignments to finish and tests to be took before that though. I love that I got given a test the week after the Christmas break too 😦 meaning I have to be revising all over the Christmas break. So much for a break, huh.

Today has just been a normal Thursday, as busy as ever. Probably even busier because I am going away tomorrow to see friends and I want to get some assignments done and sent off before I go so I don’t worry about them all the time.

So far I’ve got 4 due next week but I’ve almost finished 2 of them, I just need to finalise them and press ‘submit’ before I go tomorrow and I’ll be good to go. It should be fun though, I’m going to a Pioneer Centre where a friend works for a couple days to do some fun (and most likely scary) activities with him and his friend. I’m hoping to prove myself I can do some of it, if not all of it!

It should be good! To be honest though, I’m just excited to see friends! And be with people that I have been friends with for aaages but haven’t seen in months. It’s exciting. I think I’m more excited about that than Christmas and seeing my family. Is that bad?


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