Journal Entry #10 -4/12/2016

She looked down. The distance between her body and the floor was one that shouldn’t be allowed. Fifteen metres up she stood, preparing herself for what was going to happen. Everyone else had done it, and they’d survived, so she could too. This trip was all about pushing herself, and obviously having some fun with friends too. She knew it wouldn’t be easy but she hoped she could do it. She desperately wanted to prove to herself that she could do this. She could.

She didn’t want to be a scared little girl any more, and what better way to prove that she wasn’t than to swing fifteen metres up above the ground on an obstacle course. This was the first step her vow to try new things.

Her heart beat in her chest faster and faster. The cold December air blew around her hands as she clung onto the ropes as tight as she could, knuckles whitening with the pressure. Standing on the edge, she pressured herself to go. To take the leap. She looked at the rope in front of her, it was hard to trust something to small and thin to hold her up. She felt eyes burning into the back of her as the others watched her, wondering if she was going to do it or if she was going to chicken out like she usually would.

‘Don’t look down’ she told herself as she took the first step.

Her hands moved off the rope holding her up to the rope loops she was supposed to walk across. Her breathing became non-existent as she stepped from rope to rope eager to get to the end and to safety once again. She longed for the ground to be under her feet once again as she reached the first platform and stared at the next obstacle.

The wooden slats of the ladder she was supposed to walk across seemed way too far for her legs to reach. But eagerness to get to the end pushed her forward as her foot reached over as far as it could and touched the wood.


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