Journal Entry #11 – 7/12/2016

Running. Running. Her feet slammed against the treadmill as she ran faster and faster. Oh how she loved this. It was the best anxiety cure she could think of. Her mind cleared as she stopped thinking about all the stresses that had been clouding up her brain over the last couple of days.

For a few days, she had become increasingly stressed. But she didn’t quite know what about. Just everything was getting on top of her. Life was stressful. She knew other people had it harder, and that made her feel bad. She desperately needed relief, and this is th best way she knew to get it.

She became hot and began sweating. All she could think about was the goal she had. She had to keep running for up to 20 minutes. That was her goal. 

The world melted away around her as she ran. 


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